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270 Edgewood Tight Side Rendering.jpg

Right Side Elevation

Edgewood Avenue 1


Mill Valley, California

270 Edgewood Floor Plans with note.jpg

This house was designed to fit on a very thin, steep downhill slope.  This requires the garage to be at the uppermost level and, therefore, the transition from “public” to “semi-public” to “private” happens progressively as the house steps down the hill.  There is an entry court a the top, just outside the garage, with steps up to a second unit over the garage, or a flight of garden steps leading down to the main central courtyard.  This courtyard, which leads to the front door, is also accessible from the family room.  The architecture of the house reflects the strong craftsman tradition of the area, using a canted stone base to “hold” the house to the site and a utilitarian metal roof.

270 Edgewood Left Side Rendering.jpg

Left Side Elevation

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